Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Sunday Sermon

1. Four true and thought provoking points were made in the sermon this morning. The first two being:

#1. The earth is flawed and subject to catastrophe.
#2. Standing together and living in community is better than isolation.

In response to catastrophe, my inclination can be to withdraw into isolation. However, tonight it proved best to fight that urge and join with a community of friends to give a send-off to a dear family moving on to another state. We attended a bonfire on this mild evening, tables set up all around to accommodate the dishes carried in by each of us. A dark starry night, a warm, crackling fire, talk and laughter all around.
The last two, for your own consideration:

#3. There is a good place somewhere where vulnerability is no more.
#4. There must be a way to get there.


  1. glad to hear you participated. sounds like it was the right thing to do at just the right time

    #3 = that moment of perfect peace in my heart
    i savour those moments

  2. Oh boy, is it ever to #1. And #2 is how we survive. Both of hese externalities are so true. And you have such a lovely community I can't imagine that anyone would be (or want to be) isolated for too long.

    #3 and #4. Inward, yes. ;)

  3. The last two - something to ponder. The first two - I can't imagine you withdrawing, but I understand it, too.