Monday, August 6, 2012

Out for Coffee, Dancing in the Fitting Room, Lavender Scented

1. The ladies met for coffee at Panera to celebrate two birthdays. It was a nice reason to wait and save breakfast in order to have a bear claw and a visit.
2. I had my helpful, fifteen-year-old critic along while I tried on jeans. She favored the tight ones for me, saying they made me look young and stylish. But I don't want to look that kind of young. We laughed at the ones that made me walk stiffly, the bubble-butt pair and the ones that were so long they covered my feet like stockings. I settled for the "boyfriend" jeans because they were nice and comfortable.
3. Mowing the lawn for the first time in months was like revisiting an old friend. It took me a few turns to handle the new mower, but eventually I relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening. It was just like old times, me and the yard.


  1. Always good to have a jeans shopping buddy.

  2. I'd love some new jeans but fear I might be a NEW size lol

  3. She concurred the 'zero turn' in one try!

    Then she announced it was hers.

  4. I like to mow, too, but hubby bought a new mower that I cannot handle.