Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cue the Tomatoes, The Storm, No Driving Required

1. I am not talented at anything in particular. I can't play an instrument, be an actress (Steve might disagree), create art, converse in a foreign language...anything like that. But, when Audrey asks me to bake a tomato pie again, I can do that...with pleasure!
2. She blows into the house with hurricane force, charging the atmosphere with energy. She lets go the box of books and gravitational force sends an earthquake across the floor. In a swift a clash of thunder she declares her foul mood and the storm blows out the back door as quickly as it had entered the front. It must run its course. Thirty minutes later, fair weather returns from its flight across the field and pets the dog.
3. Gathering this and that from the garden to make our meal.


  1. Cooking is its own talent, so please don't underestimate it! From what I've seen here, you are a special lady with many talents indeed!

  2. ahhh . . . the female mood. Tempestuous and endearing all at the same time. Love tomato pie and gardens . . . no tomatoes in ours just yet, but plenty of bloom! xxoo

  3. I'd beg to differ about your talent - you are downright poetic in your descriptions. I can just see that tempestuous scene.