Monday, April 16, 2012

Baking Again, It Works, Needs a Home

1. Walnuts toasting in the oven smell good and, well...nutty. Toasted nuts taste better in the oatmeal cookies.
2. I needed a lamp for the porch and I remembered the black wrought iron floor lamp we bought at an auction last summer. I found it down in the basement, rewired and ready for summer reading.

3. We've had so many stray dogs show up at our place over the years that I've lost count. This morning two more puppies showed up, no collars and starving. I'm so glad daughter #3 was home. She collared them, gave them food and water and played with them on the grass until Animal Control could come out. They were the happiest, tail-wagging dogs I ever did see. Despite whatever hardships they endured out in the woods, they were sweet and loving and so darn happy! They appear to be a brother and sister mixed breed. I thought of them all day and pray that someone gives them a good home.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes when I read your blog it reminds me of why I started posting 3BT in the first place.

    All three lovely things. So lovely that you took care of the dogs.