Monday, March 19, 2012

Tradition, Up for Grabs, It's a Hefty One

1. Spring has arrived so I decorate the house with our Pysanky eggs.
2. If I have a little something left over from cooking, like olives or strawberries, I leave them on the counter with a note that says, "Eat me!". Later, when I return home, the bowl is empty. Somebody ate them but I don't know who.

3. I'm reading my first-ever Stephen King novel, 11/22/63.


  1. Is that the name of the novel? 11/22/63? I think his books are either great or they stink. That's been my experience with them! My favorite is The Shining. I was disappointed with that new one. Can't remember what it's called. I think it was four novellas. I TRIED to like it and pushed through it all the way to the middle and then I just gave up.

  2. The eggs are gorgeous. We're hosting Easter this year for the first time, and the only eggs I have right now are the plastic sort. I need to put the kids to work.

    I read one Stephen King book many, many years ago--I can't even remember which one--and the only thing I remember taking away from it is that I learned I don't like scary stories. I remember not liking the writing, too. But that was one book.

    You'll have to tell us, when you finish, if you enjoyed it.

  3. Gorgeous eggs! I really want to read that book.