Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the river, Eye appealing, Together

1. We spent a beautiful day slicing through the water of the James River on kayaks. It was exhilarating to try something new like this. These little vessels are easily managed and I quickly got the feel of maneuvering with the paddles. Peering through clear water at rocks below, seeing turtles slap into the water, watching a Blue Heron rise from the water's edge, and getting splashed with cool water as we scampered through rapids were part of the fun.
2. Audrey has set a beautiful vase of flowers on the table. It was one of the bridesmaid's bouquets from a wedding she attended. They also had cute guest favors, little canning jars of apple butter!
3. Steve, Tess and I take an evening walk together.


  1. What a wonderful idea for a giveaway - jars of apple butter. Pretty flowers, too.

  2. Don't those jars look pretty. I made Todd some Apple Butter the first year I was over here. I have never done so again. I need to kick my arse and make some more!