Monday, August 30, 2010

Lined up, Life in the country, Gift from the garden

1. Packing lunch bags- ice pack, cold things, warm things, napkins; fitting the contents like puzzle pieces and then lining the bags up on the counter.
2. While the glue set, we had to sleep with a sheet in place of the front door. The weather was dry and mild, so no problem... until I turned the lights off for bed and thought, what if a bear wanders by and smells food? We go back into the living room to slide a piece of furniture in front of the opening. It probably wouldn't stop a hungry bear, but at least we'd hear something crash and awaken us.
3. A bag of lavender placed in the old dresser to freshen it.

1 comment:

  1. Lee, this is so funny! You and I think so much alike. :) I would worry about a bear too!! But the difference between the two of us- with my luck- an actual bear would roam into MY living room. And I'm not in bear territory!