Sunday, July 11, 2010


1. I never tire of looking at the New England architecture along the coast. Some old mansions now serve as inns. The second photo shows the house where we stayed. It was full of old-fashioned charm.
2. There was a good smell in the back hallway and pantry. Sort of a scrubbed clean, fresh scent. I searched and followed my nose, enlisting the help of everyone nearby to help hunt down this wonderfully good smell. The best I could figure is that it was Ivory soap. Why the wainscoting smelled of it, I don't know.
3. Being in a small harbor town, we were able to walk a lot. Post office, bagel/coffee shop, historic buildings, pizza, pretty houses and much more. Simple. I like that.
4. I must not forget the most beautiful architecture of all- God's creation of this magnificent rocky coastline.

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