Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Visiting Back Home

     Two days after school let out, Steve and I drove up to New York to see his family. The trip also gave me an opportunity to have breakfast with my sister and brother-in-law at their home. It was a whirlwind trip with two days spent driving and two days for visiting. We had a sweet time with Steve's dad and mom and it's always a good time with the brothers and sisters-in-law. Our daughter, Chelsea also drove over with her family from New Hampshire to see her grandparents. It was an extra treat to see her and Simon and the boys. I've been a part of Steve's family for thirty-nine years now, so we have a lot of history and we tend to reminisce a lot these days. We are entering a bittersweet time in the family: so much love and so much family and never enough time on this earth together.
     We had mainly rainy weather, but we hung out on the large back porch and the guys played instruments in the garage where Steve's brother keeps his drum set. Hugo, who is two years old, sat on the seat of that drum set and had a grand time. His little arms were all akimbo and he played those drums like a natural. He even thought to sing while he was drumming. (♫ Oh the life of a bear! ♪ Oh, for the expedition! ♫) He is a completely endearing little boy with no inhibitions.  His little brother, Charlie was all smiles and cuddles and a miracle of growth since his birth last year in May.
     Chelsea and I had a chance to take a walk with Hugo between rain showers. We walked to one of my favorite places, up to the Albany Rural Cemetery. It's stunningly beautiful and peaceful. There is a waterfall and bridges and beautiful landscaping along winging roads on 467 acres. I felt that I could sit down and never get up again and be perfectly happy here. I have decided it should be my perfect, final resting place.
     Back at the house, we continued visiting, eating good food, and listening to the brothers jam and goof around. Around 8:45pm on Sunday evening, Steve and his brother walked into the house and said the police asked them to shut it down. Oops! I bet the police expected that garage door to open onto some teens and not some (almost) over-the-hill brothers. Haha!
     We drove back home to more drenching rain and a humid, lush, green landscape. Next up, Claire's three children come for a stay with Nonni and Pop!

The tablet on the cushion goes with the mausoleum and tells the life story of the deceased.

Hugo expends some energy.

The sunflower detail would be pretty in a hooked rug.

Picking wildflowers. Hugo carries his digger and tractor everywhere : )

A drizzly day.

Beautiful sculpture

Heading back just in time for dinner.

I wonder what the cherub is writing on this young woman's tomb.
Hugo with his great uncle, Luke.


  1. It sounded like a wonderful family visit, Lee, even with the police dropping by to check out the music in the garage. We too will be visiting with family this weekend and you are right that there's always a lot to catch up on as visits are not as often these days with folks scattered.

  2. I loved reading about this visit this morning! That cemetery is wonderful. Sounds like a lovely walk. It's always good to be with family, isn't it? Hugo sounds delightful! And I'm smiling about the jamming session being broken up by the police - a tale for those guys to brag about. :)