Monday, March 26, 2018

It's Spring! It's Winter! It's Spring! No, It's Winter!

That about sums it up.
My sister and brother-in-law recently drove down from New York for a weekend visit. My niece and her dog, Milo, who live in D.C., drove over as well. I was happy that we could enjoy a spring-like weekend while they were here. We spent a lot of time outdoors and even enjoyed a sunny afternoon soaking up some sun. The day after they left, winter returned. Twice.
Our walk when the weather was spring-like.

We walked over to visit William's animals. Two of his cows are expecting calves and there were several lambs in the field. Sadly, a fox has decimated his flock of chickens and also taken one of the ducks. I will miss their beautiful rooster who often brought his ladies to visit our field. He's down to two chickens and Junior Benge has set a live trap to try and catch the fox. It's a week later and still no fox has been caught. They don't call them, "wily" for nothing.

We had another snow day from school last Wednesday and Steve worked from home. We took advantage of the last winter (we hope) fling and went sledding. : )


  1. Spring/winter/spring/ have got that right!
    Your photos show us this perfectly. x

  2. Your photos are brilliant! The tree in the field is breath catching, it's so beautiful.
    It seems like spring and winter could hardly make up their frost date is now April 15...and my seeds haven't been started. RUN rabbit RUN...I'm always playing catch-up.