Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rains Come and Rains Go

     This is the weather front that moved in last week bringing torrential downpours and considerable flooding. It was the coziest book reading weather for those who could stay inside and the sound of rain tapping on the windows was a lullaby at night. I was caught in the downpour late Friday morning when I left work. An umbrella was pointless, although I tried. I was so soaked running across the parking lot to my car after work that I cancelled all other errands and came straight home. Isn't it wonderful when we can come home to our sanctuary of calm and dry in the storm?
     By Saturday morning, the skies cleared and the sun came out. Daughter #3 and her husband came for a lunch of Pasta Fagioli, crusty bread, and peach cobbler. The weather turned mild again and we sat on the porch, they went for a walk, Steve worked on the shed, and I hooked on my rug a bit. Later, I walked up the hill to Mrs. C.'s with some apples and we had a little visit. Daughter #4, Steve and I ended the day with a movie. We watched "The Big Short" which was very good. I think daughter found it a little boring, but she's too young to remember the housing bubble and all that.
     We ended our weekend with Sunday, church, and more relaxation in and outdoors. (Well, Steve worked on the shed some more, but that's his relaxation.) I fell asleep Sunday evening thinking of the scriptures in Revelation we heard in the sermon today. In Revelation 5, John wept because no one in Heaven was worthy to open the scroll. "Then he saw the Lamb standing near the throne and the Lamb took the scroll from the right hand of him who was seated on the throne and all of Heaven, including myriads and myriads and thousands and thousands of angels and every creature in Heaven and earth and under the earth worshiped the Lamb." Amen! This the song we sang after the sermon:



  1. Lovely thought - that thunderous Amen in the heavens!

    I actually love rain, when I can stay home, cook, read, and sleep. It sounds as if you like it, too.

    Lovely dinner, sounds like - yum. And I'll check out that film.