Sunday, October 23, 2016

Homemade Halloween

     Hang around the children long enough this month and the talk will always turn to their Halloween costumes. I love dressing up in costume and pretending to be someone else. Doesn't everyone? Three of the grandchildren were visiting this weekend and they are almost always wearing some sort of make believe costume, even if it's only a hat or cape. I love it.
     Steve ran across a song about homemade Halloween costumes on Youtube today. To our delight, a certain husband and two daughters popped up at the 1:05 minute mark. It's a nice, nostalgic song that conjures up memories of some of the costumes we wore as children. Enjoy!


  1. We always did homemade costumes also. I'm not sure which was my favorite, but the elephants and crayons are memorable!

  2. I don't dress up for Halloween anymore, but do try to do something fun for the church's "wear it first" carnival (coming up this Saturday.) Last year I wore a headband that has a big black bird attached. This year I have a ladybug headband and will wear a ladybug shirt.

    So neat that your family is represented in that video! :)