Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Purple Dusk, Weekday Singing

     Although the days continue to be hot, each evening has brought relief with a gentle breeze. Daylight is retreating quickly and while we used to walk at eight o'clock each evening we now have to walk at seven. The view tonight was extra pretty with the moon riding high, so I snapped this photo with my phone. Henri wiggles and tugs so much on the leash, that's it hard to stop even for a second. I found that if I put the leash handle down and step on it, then I have both hands free to take a picture. (This is my method when Steve isn't with me to hand off the leash.) It was still too nice to go inside at the end of our walk so we sat up on the hill for a little bit and listened to the crickets.
     There haven't been any Sunday Singing songs that I've been able to find on youtube to share, but this song played in my car and it's been running on a loop in my head. I look at the hills here and tonight they are purple but, to be sure, they will be gold soon and so I think of this song.


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  1. What a beautiful photo...the moon has been stunning. I step on the leash too.