Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Week in Review/ True Journaling!

   I recall last week as a week of rain. It flew by so fast, but now if I think about it, we did have one day of sunshine. Claire and the grandchildren came for a three day visit. Their antics always make me smile. It's very much like watching the lambs next door, or any baby animals, they both amuse and intrigue. I could sit and watch the children play for hours. Tess and Steve prepared different crafts for Mari and Jack and they loved them. Tess painted paper tiaras and crowns with them and Steve helped them make cement garden stones. I won't forget being up in the tree house with Mari where we sang opera into the woods and listened for our echoes.
     I made progress on my hooked rug and I found a replacement cutting wheel for the fabric stripping machine a friend gave me. It's a vintage machine made of metal and very sturdy. Because it's old, the parts are hard to find. The internet is the end-all solution to these problems and Voila! I now have a working machine thanks to a helpful lady in Indiana. The wool to make a primitive hooked rug must all be cut into 1/4" strips. It would be time consuming to cut so much wool with scissors or rotary cutters, so they make little hand-cranked machines that you bolt onto a table, feed your cloth (in this case wool) along the metal plate while you crank the handle which runs the cloth over the cutting wheel and cuts it into strips. The rug hooking ladies get a kick out of calling themselves  hookers and strippers. Anyway, I've got my next two rugs planned out : )
     Chelsea and her little family moved to New Hampshire this week. We are very excited to visit them in New England this summer. We are also more than excited to think of holding our newest grandson again and getting to know him better. It's nice to have a new, happy reason to visit up north.  We've had great adventures in the south and we now live in a very beautiful place in Virginia, but my inner compass forever points homeward, to the northeast.
     We spent this Sunday in a different way than usual. I'm not a fan of Mother's Day nor other similar commercialized holidays. My daughters were all wonderful in honoring me with attention, so it's not about that. It's just a personal thing I guess. I dislike artificial reasons to be nice to people. Who needs a reminder to be nice to their mother on a specific day? I also knew if I went to church I would cry blubberingly during the music with thoughts of my mom, so we changed it up today and Steve and I went out together in the morning and then I cooked a Sunday dinner for Steve, Tess, Ian and me. There was no Sunday singing, but we did have music in the car : )


  1. Singing opera from in a tree house...Watching children be children... All so lovely!
    I was at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend and found myself drawn to the hooker vendors. Managed to resit the temptation of picking up another hobby. This time. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

    {I too am not a Halmark Holiday celebrator. Another reason to like the company of your blog}.

  2. I didn't go to church either last Sunday - same reason. Although I have to say - my mom loved Mothers Day. :) And I always did things up for her.

    What a lovely visit you had? I love the look Mari is giving there - she looks so much like her mother, I think. And nice idea about the craft projects - I might have to think about something like that for my great nephews.

    And especially lovely that Chelsea and her family will be closer. Nice.

  3. Very nice, as always, Lee to read of fun shared family times. Please do let us know when you will be visiting New Hampshire as we live in Nashua and perhaps could meet again.