Saturday, January 2, 2016

Not Ready to Let Go Yet

     When I was a child I thought that being grown up meant having things. Now I realize that being grown up is all about letting things go.      

     On letting go, Christmas is not over, people! Unlike my neighborhood where every Christmas light went dark the minute December twenty-fifth was checked off the calendar, my lights are still on. There are twelve days of Christmas to celebrate the nativity of Jesus, which brings us to January fifth. How is it that Christmas is turned off like a light switch?


  1. You are right - I don't know why we do that (take things down so quickly.) I think in my family, it was some sort of superstition about taking down Christmas decorations before the bell tolls midnight on New Years Eve. This year I was sick with an achy cold / sinus infection after Thanksgiving and only shook it off Christmas week. So I never put up the tree. I've never liked seeing Santas up after the big day, so this year I will hopefully feel well and will put up the tree the first week of December and may leave it up until the epiphany in January (but might go ahead and take the Santas down.) :) I have quite a few.

  2. I keep my Christmas tree up for the full 12 days of Christmas, but then, I am married to an Englishman! :-)

  3. What also is annoying is how early Christmas starts according to retailers. When I was a child, nothing was displayed until after Thanksgiving and we still follow that practice as well as leaving the tree, lights and everything in place until after Jan 6. It's likely that many people don't know about the Epiphany or the 12 days of Christmas. I may be grown up but letting Christmas go quickly is not happening for me.