Friday, June 19, 2015

How Does the Garden Grow?

     I was thrilled to spend and evening and morning in the garden these past two days. It became so overgrown in the short time we were away! I rode the mower over every inch of grass, reacquainting myself with the property and reclaiming it as mine. Not willing to call it quits, I mowed around the horse shed and our bonfire area, too. The next morning, I climbed back on that trusty steed and mowed up on the hill and then hitched up the garden cart and toted that around, gathering up debris and clippings. Mom watched from the porch and laughed as I went bouncing by. It's muggy these days and the gnats are troublesome. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute I spent outside. I noted earlier this season that it was a particularly good year for roses. I don't grow any roses myself, but I noticed other people's roses were spectacular. It was a so-so year for daffodils, but then again, it looks like a great year for hydrangeas and trumpet vine. I picked a vase full of hydrangeas last night and they are so cheery to see in the dining area. The trumpet vine is both a curse and a blessing. Anyone who grows one will know how invasive they are. I am constantly trimming it back and pulling shoots out of the patio beds. On the plus side, it provides a ton of shade and entertains us with all the hummingbirds attracted to the huge, trumpet shaped blooms. I snapped a couple of photos for my gardening archives. I like to look back at the photos and see how the garden grows from one year to the next.


  1. That is certainly a very large trumpet vine. We never gres any at our VA home, but the neighbor did and I recall the hummingbirds enjoying the nectar.

  2. Sounds as if your mom is settling in nicely. And I love trumpet vines - there's a spot in which I am crawling on the expressway every morning where a trumpet vine is climbing over and invading the concrete wall a bit. I love that -