Thursday, May 21, 2015

Well Done, Daughter #4

     Our fourth and final daughter graduated from high school this night. I can't begin to describe the rush of emotions. Most of them are held at bay due to the busyness of finishing up the school year at work, having Claire et al here for the weekend, a wedding in the extended family on Saturday, and otherwise pure craziness all around. Sometime in July, I will be sitting alone on the porch one evening and it will  catch up with me and I'll have a good cry then. It's fine.
     I am so proud of this daughter for not bending to the crush of peer pressure and for seeking truth rather than seeking popularity. The first school award she ever received was for kindness. It's maker found its mark in Tess. It's who she truly is. So, with academic success wrapped around her shoulders, it's onward and upward, reaching for something she isn't exactly sure of just yet. She has a general plan and we shall see where it takes her. After all, it's only just the beginning, right?


  1. blessings, love and warm wishes to you all! congratulations to Tess

  2. Congrats to Tess - so much excitement ahead for her! And I'm glad to hear she has not bent to peer pressure - a tribute to you and your husband, I think.