Monday, April 13, 2015

Virginia is Stunningly Beautiful Just Now

    Here we have the old Sweet Cherry trees in their annual flowering. Who knows how many springs they have seen? All the trees are blooming simultaneously in their showy efforts to be pollinated. Pick me! Pick me!, they beckon the bees. The grass soaks up the sun and reflects the warmth back up from the ground. I can feel the sun rising from it when I walk through the field. The breeze and the trees in my head, but the grass hypnotizes from below and traps the unwary traveler to stop; just lie down here and rest awhile.

     At the back of this photo is a Redbud tree. They grow like weeds along the roads and highways just like the Dogwoods. The Forsythia are there too, along with the flowering Crabapple. And in the grass we see the poor, hated Dandelions. What little child hasn't picked fistfuls of Dandelions for their mother, who exclaims over their beauty and sets them in a cupful of water to be admired, insects and all.

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  1. It IS beautiful there right now! Funny - I posted a photo of a dandelion a few weeks ago. I've never minded them - such a humble little wildflower and so pretty against the green grass.