Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Beginning of Life Everlasting...and Spring Break

     Today's Easter service was a stark contrast to Thursday's Tennebrae service. Thursday's service concluded in silence and darkness and today we experienced sunlight and joy! Fear and doubt were replaced with shouts of, "He is risen!". Two thousand years ago to now; the message of our Savior and King has remained as clear and pure as when it first began.
     Our celebration at home was abbreviated slightly by the absence of our two daughters who live away. But, Audrey and Jared joined us and the house smelled good with baked ham and all the sides of Steve's family's traditional Easter brunch. We talked about Steve' grandmother, Eleanor as we set the table with her china and remembered her week-long preparations all those many years ago. I chose bright yellow tulips for our centerpiece because I couldn't deny their cheeriness when I saw them in the store. (I had gone in to buy pink and came out with yellow).
     Audrey's big news is the addition of a new horse to their family. He's a seven year old thoroughbred gelding, already trained as a hunter/jumper. After suffering a broken arm and taking chances on unruly horses in the past, Audrey is old enough now to know she wants a safer, well trained horse. She'll board him just down the road from us, so I suspect I'll see her (and him) on a weekly basis. Speaking of Audrey, Steve snapped this photo of us today just as Audrey arrived. Claire had just phoned and Audrey was exclaiming about our matching outfits, right down to our shoe color. It was purely coincidence!
     Spring break is this week and I feel like a kid with an entire, empty week to spend all on my own. I have many ideas of things I would like to do, most of which involve gardening and spring cleaning. Yes, to me that will be enjoyable only because I'm in the mood for it. The beauty of it is that if I'm not in the mood, I won't do it. : )


  1. A great picture of you two! Love your kitchen - you have an island! Lucky.

    I'm so glad you had a nice Easter.