Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Will Arrive on Schedule...As Usual.

     I didn't expect today to be anything other than routine, but it turned out to be especially nice. (Hmm, I didn't think 'especially' would get past spell correct, but I guess it's a real word.) Not only did we have springtime temperatures; we had sunshine too! The combination of the two gave everyone a bounce to their step. I also heard the Redwing Blackbirds this week. Their call always brings memories of my father standing at our front door, saying, "Shh, listen." We'd stand quietly, straining our ears until we heard, "Cock-a-ree!". "There it is!", we'd say, satisfied to have heard that wonderful call, knowing they were harbingers of spring. How happy that sound made him and how happy it made me this week.
     I was also able to get out into the garden and prune the blackberry canes. I was all set to dig up the buggers and have away with them because of their thorns and nuisance with the birds. But as I got going, I just couldn't bear to do it. I gave them an extreme pruning instead  and let them win again for another year. If nothing else, they will feed the mockingbirds.
     Speaking of sounds triggering memories, Tess and I watched an excellent documentary called, "Alive Inside". It documents one man's mission to bring music, via ipods, to the elderly in nursing homes and the astounding effect it has on their speech and memory, particularly for those with Alzheimer's and dementia. I've posted a trailer below.
     The rest of my week was all about food, so I'll write about that separately.


  1. So do you get any blackberries? Or do the birds get them all? I do love them, and remember them from my childhood - growing around the neighborhood.

    My mother had vascular dementia, that was initially diagnosed as Alzheimers. I think it was more dementia - before she was put on heavy medication, she exhibited some rather frantic, bizarre behavior. I still can't believe that happened. The medication just made her sweet and docile. We tried backing off the meds a little at one point because she was sleeping so much - the meds made her drowsy, too. But the frantic behavior returned, so we had to up it again. She never lost her love of music though and loved when musicians visited the assisted living facility. I might be able to bring myself to watch this documentary at some point, but not sure if I can yet.

  2. We also are awaiting soring in NH. But had a dusting of snow overnight.
    Speaking of documentaries dealing with Alzheimers, I also watched one, Looks Like Laury, Sounds Like Laury which is on under America ReFramed. It's a sad and enlightening film made by her female friends.