Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day to Day...

     We drove Mari home to Raleigh last weekend. We stayed to babysit all three grandchildren while Claire and Daniel had a well deserved night out. It was a brief trip, but it gave us time to see the children in their home environment, which is always fun. Steve and I meandered home over back roads. We both enjoy browsing the antique shops and it makes me happy when Steve suggests we stop. The best part of antiquing is the hunt. Oftentimes we find nothing at all, but I still get an adrenaline rush when I walk into a shop and smell all that old stuff. On this trip, I found three more Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments for our collection and two picture frames that I believe are cherry. Steve pondered over a trumpet which was in excellent condition, but decided against buying it.
     It's been a busy week at school due to all the snow days we've had. It feels like we're spinning our wheels trying to get caught up. We also have the annual student talent show coming up with rehearsals held after school over the next week and a half. The children love to have this opportunity to show their stuff, but some of the mothers sure do get annoying. That's all I'm going to say about that.
     Audrey's birthday is this weekend! She'll be away, so we arranged a visit at her and Jared's home on Tuesday night. I told her I would bring everything for dinner and a celebration. We had stuffed manicotti, salad, bread, and cupcakes with ice cream (and candles, of course). Believe it or not, this is the first "real" visit we've had at their home since they were married over a year ago! While warming dinner in their kitchen, I was able to see what kinds of utensils and kitcheny things they still need.
     On Wednesday night we had dinner out with friends at Sal's Italian restaurant. The guys ordered a nice bottle of wine, we each ordered something good to eat, and it was a pleasant evening. Sal's food isn't like my mom's Italian cooking, but the atmosphere and music are spot on. Their meals are equally as good as "home", just prepared a little differently. In my experience, spaghetti sauce is different with every cook who makes it. Even when I mimic my mom's recipe to a T, it still doesn't taste like hers. So, I don't expect Sal's to taste like mom's, that would be impossible.
     Today we have another school cancellation due to the weather. The weather has messed up Audrey's flights and other plans we all had for the day. So goes the story of this winter. As I said to a co-worker, "All I want to see falling from the sky are daisies and daffodils!"
     The weekend looks to be improved, weather-wise and I am very excited that we will see Chad! Some of his biggest dreams have come true this year with the opening of his bicycle business with his business partner, Bryce. Chad also built a bicycle to be entered into competition for the tenth annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) in Louisville Kentucky. He put this photo up this morning and the caption is cute:
Sleep tight...You've got a big weekend!
 I can imagine Chad's excitement and I really look forward to congratulating him in person. For any bicycle enthusiasts, visit their shop's website at Love Baum Bicycles and be rooting for Chad and Bryce this weekend!

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