Monday, March 30, 2015

Beginning an End

     I love this picture that Tess' piano teacher took of her at her lesson today. She's preparing for her senior recital that will take place in June by running through her pieces for timing. Thus far, she'll play Brahms, Scarlatti, Mozart, and Scott, and she is working hard at memorizing all four. I think she'll add one or two more fun selections to round out her program. Earlier that same day in June, she'll have her final recital as a piano student of Mrs. O'Brien. I'm sure to shed a tear because Mrs. O'Brien honors her seniors with a slide show of their time with her. I've cried at all the other seniors' slideshows in previous years so, I can't imagine getting through my own child's without becoming a teary mess. Tess has had fun studying with Mrs. O'Brien. She looked forward to every weekly lesson and even hated those summer months without.
    My job has been to drive Tess to her lessons all these years, just as I did for her sisters before her, to their piano, guitar, and horseback riding lessons. She's been old enough to drive herself for over a year now, but I still insist on doing the honor. I guess I hate to see the end of this era. Mrs. O'Brien recently asked her why I still drove her. Tess told her that it was our bonding time. I smiled to think that Tess thought of it that way. It's true! Every week for six years we've made this hour long drive together. I take her a snack, we catch up on our day, she dozes, I drive. I usually wait outside with a book or run errands during her forty-five minute lessons. Rarely have I gone inside to observe. I reasoned that it was her time to study with her teacher and having me watch would be a distraction. I've heard her play for hundreds of hours at home, enough to know that I had no advice nor ability to offer anything other than praise.
     So, more big news for today- Tess landed her first "real" job! On our way to piano, we stopped for her to interview at the coffee shop and she was hired. She's very excited about training as a barista.  
     Along the lines of an end of an era, we will celebrate our final high school graduation this spring. As we wind up Tess' high school school career, we'll help my sister move in with my mom. Mom can't live alone anymore and we must accept the frailties of our mother.  Life is full of bittersweet "letting goes". Or perhaps they are beginnings?


  1. Life is such a journey, isn't it? And definitely bittersweet. I'm so glad you post about your wonderful family - I love that you have that bonding time with Tess and that she recognizes it as such.