Saturday, February 7, 2015

Painting, Walking, Eating

1. I asked Steve and Chelsea to help me with a stage prop today and they came through with flying colors. Steve drew the design, Chelsea brought the paints, and we had great success putting it all together. I can't say exactly what it is because it's a surprise for the Cabin Fever Follies. I'll share more about it after the show next weekend.
2. As promised, temperatures soared and all of us were all lured outside this afternoon. We took a nice walk: the kind that had us unzipping and shedding jackets as we progressed.
3. We grilled hamburgers for dinner and they tasted like summer.
4. Audrey popped in after riding, wearing her nifty blue, houndstooth riding pants. She stayed just long enough to make us laugh, eat a slice of apple pie, and then she was gone again.

1 comment:

  1. So I can't wait to hear what the prop was for now. Lovely that it was such a team effort!

    "Tastes like summer" - sigh.