Friday, February 20, 2015

Gathering and Playing in Snow

     We've had the entire week off from school! The big snow on Monday was followed by severely low temperatures and that threw everything off schedule. Aside from some inconveniences like running out of fuel oil (a whole other story), flat tires (me), driving into a ditch (Tess), and getting towed out of our own yard thereby breaking off a truck mirror on a fence post (Steve), it was a good week.
     Claire, Daniel and the grandchildren had planned to drive up this weekend to join us all in seeing Chelsea off. When they heard of our snowy conditions, Daniel took Friday off from work so they could have an extra day to play in the snow. Daniel lived in Alaska for many years and we all grew up in snowy winters, so were all excited about the prospect of snow play. The plan was to enjoy it while conditions were right. We had no idea of the storm that was to come our way tomorrow! We knew today was good, there was ten inches of snow on the ground, and the sun was out. Carpé Diem!
     Chelsea drove over to spend the day and bake a carrot cake. Simon was driving down from Montreal and would arrive in the wee hours of tomorrow morning and Audrey and Jared would join us from town tomorrow. Steve even came home from work a little early. The 'gathering' had begun.

 Three more young cousins joined us for the afternoon. The back hallway turned into Winter Gear Central. Remember those days of wet woolens, rosy cheeks and melted snow puddles on the floor? 

After all that bundling up, Jack only lasted about two minutes outside. He didn't care for it one bit. Maybe he'll feel differently when he's a little older.

 Cousins in a snow fort. I love the hats their Aunt Katherine knit.


Tess taking a little break.

One little guy didn't go outside at all. Claire with three-month-old Matthew.

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  1. What a lovely gathering! My sister who lives near Winchester, VA sent snowy photos - a progression of snow piling on snow.

    Love the look on Matthew's face. And too bad Jack didn't like the snow - I imagine he will later.