Tuesday, February 17, 2015

At Home in the Snow


     Our recent snowstorm was a two-day event. Day One brought the initial excitement of the storm as the snow steadily fell. Steve returned home from work before noon, Chelsea decided she was snowed in at our house, and I started a pot of soup. Weather reports said we were in for ten to fourteen inches and at the rate it was falling, this looked about right. While keeping an eye on the storm, we watched Netflix, played Scrabble (I won by one point. We had a recount to be sure.), the girls painted a still life, and Steve worked from home. In the evening, John bravely drove down the three miles from their house to join us for dinner. The guys thought they might shoot pool, but after only one game John thought better and decided he needed to make sure he could get home. Ten minutes later, he texted Steve to let us know he made it safely. Steve kept the wood stove roaring as we settled down for the night.
     We girls wrapped in blankets and put on "Boyhood" for our evening entertainment. We endured the entire 165 minutes of it and ended it by questioning what all the hype was about. "Exhilarating", "Astonishing", and "Dazzling" are terms some reviewers used, but we just didn't see it that way. Many times I feel like the entertainment industry is pulling an "Emperor's New Clothes" move on us. Publicists and fans tell us that someone or something is grand and can't we all see it?! I'm sorry, but for Boyhood, I must say, I don't see it. It was long and boring and, in my opinion, the writer/director missed an opportunity to create a real masterpiece here. In theory, it was a great idea, but that's about it.
     Day Two: This morning, the sun came out and it was time to dig out the vehicles and play in the snow. Steve gassed up our circa 1991 Troy Built snow blower. How he keeps that thing glued together and running is a mystery to me. Tess and Chelsea bundled up and went out with a camera. I usually enjoy a romp in the snow, but I was nursing a stiff neck with the comfort of a hot water bottle and Motrin. I did enjoy their photos and will share Tess' take through them here. Chelsea was able to drive out late this afternoon with the promise of returning Friday. The rest of the family is due in this weekend with Claire, Daniel and the grandchildren arriving us Thursday, Simon on Friday, and Audrey and Jared joining us on Saturday. We'll be saying goodbye to Chelsea once again as she  moves north to upstate New York. This will be another bittersweet weekend with the joy of having everyone here, but another goodbye to Chelsea.
Steve snowblowing

These always remind me of frosted Shredded Wheat

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  1. I hear upstate New York is a beautiful place to visit - especially in the summer. :)

    What fun - being snowed in (especially since you all like each other!) And more fun on the way being all together this weekend.

    I have Boyhood at home to watch, but just haven't yet. I thought it was an awesome thing - filmed over many years like that.