Saturday, December 6, 2014

Order! I Demand Order!, Sending Love, Ready for Printing

1. Some kind of  'messy bomb' exploded in my house and I am extremely grateful to have this day to set things right again.
2. I wrapped gifts for our far away loved ones and padded them into parcels with care. My desire is to gather love and sentiments and make them tangible so they can be put in a box.
3. It was a long evening of spreadsheets and numbers, accounting programs, and notes. We were rewarded at the end with a cleaned up budget that was ready to roll for 2015. My "little" math mistake of putting a plus sign instead of a minus sign wasn't too embarrassing.


  1. I wish I had such wonderful standards as you do when sending Christmas parcels. I am just in such a hurry to get them out and off my list. But I will try to keep your lovely sentiments in mind.

    P.S. Messy bombs explode here all the time!

  2. I set things right in my condo after I got home from work Monday evening. I was tempted to put the ornament boxes in a corner of my bedroom, but ended up putting them back up in their closet. It's a wonderful bit of satisfaction to have a tidy, but decorated home, isn't it?