Monday, December 15, 2014

New Old, Old and New, Mood Lighting

1. Tess gave me my Christmas gift early this year. Considering the gift, it was definitely the right thing to do.

An antique pine cone ornament...

and an antique bell ornament.
2. Tess had her last Christmas recital as a piano student on Saturday and tonight she had her first Christmas recital as a piano teacher. I've been listening to her practice Rhapsody in G Minor, Op 79, No 2 by Brahms for months now. I may just know it by heart. Following is a performance of this Brahms piece by a twelve year old. Enjoy!

3. Evenings at Christmas time are when all the bright house lights are turned off and only the tree and candle lights remain. It almost makes me feel the need to whisper. (Although anyone who knows me knows that I rarely have a whisper setting.)


  1. My mom had a bell shaped ornament like that - I think my sister has it. A lovely gift!

    Beautiful music. And I love the quietness of the season, too.

  2. I put the pickle ornament on the tree this year. Remember the one you sent me? Thank you.