Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Neverland, Dressing It Up, Sitting Near the Fire

1. In reality, time is racing by. In theory, I live in Neverland where "time is never planned". Ever since Mary Martin's Peter Pan aired on TV, I believed in Peter Pan. As a child, I truly thought Captain Hook lived under a hill near my house. I became a Todd Rundgren fan in high school and Neverland became my theme song. I often sing it in my head, especially on days like today.

"And that's my home where dreams are born and time is never planned."

2. Slowly, slowly, the house is getting decorated for Christmas. It's a tender little affair this year, being done in small strokes at a time. We first put up the tree. On another day, a snow globe. Today I put the candle lights in the windows. And so it goes.
3. Lunch at B.'s! I so enjoy this time with friends to talk about things and hear one another's perspectives. The friendship of these two ladies is a blessing to me. Our husbands are also good friends and I'm aware of the rarity of such a friendship. I purpose to treasure it. 


  1. Friendships like that are to be treasured, for sure.

    I did not watch that remake of Peter Pan that aired live last week - I like the old one, too.

  2. Izzy and Kes are helping me decorate our home this year. Our snow globe is a bit hit too :)