Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Helper, Ice Breaker, The Last Hour of Today

1. A little boy in Spider Man pajamas kneels on a stool and helps me make punch for the party. It's his home and I am a guest. He is confident and in charge as I slice limes for him to drop into the punch. He insists they are green peaches. I ask if he would like to taste one. He says no, he doesn't like green peaches. He cleverly uses tongs to pull cranberries, one by one, out of the bag and plop them into the punch. Once finished, he is off to bed.
2. People whom I judged to be shy were shouting and singing during a game we played.
3. Late into the night, a perfect half slice of moon, tipped on its side, was on the rise. The eastern horizon glowed with its white light. I paused and took in a breath of sharp, cold air. Turning to the south and west, I tipped my head back and saw a sky filled with brilliant stars.

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