Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catching Up in Raleigh- Happy Times!

1. We finally have big enough trees on our lawn that dropped a decent amount of leaves this fall. I rattled through them when I trudged up the slope, scattering them with the sweep of my feet.
2. I made the drive to Raleigh under sodden skies. I'm satisfied that November doesn't disappoint and presents itself under no disguise. It's bleak, damp, and deeply rusted.
3. With weeks and sometimes months between visits with the grandchildren, it allows time for me to see how much they've grown and changed. The first thing I noticed on this trip is that they didn't run from me like they used to when I entered their front door. That has to be good, right? : )
3a. Books are simply the best tool to bring adult and child together. It's common ground, a shared experience. It's my favorite activity and I'm glad it's theirs, too.
4. Sending Claire and Daniel off to the hospital at 5:00am with hugs and kisses. Very soon they will be three and their family will be five.
5. Oh, he is a dear! Matthew entered the world loved and treasured, as every child should be. We were able to visit him within hours. Words fail me when I hold a newborn miracle. "Oh my goodness!" is about all I can manage.
6. I was struck by Mari's tenderness and love toward her baby brother. She held him close and enveloped him with love, kissing his head and tenderly rubbing her cheek on his baby hair. She had her eyes closed in bliss. I do believe she is in love.
6a. Mari, who is four, was wishing for a baby sister to share her room. When we got home she said, "It's okay if he's a boy. He can still share my room with me."
7. Mari and Jack were highly entertained by our dolls singing and acting out, "The Wheels on the Bus". The dolls also performed the "Hokie Pokie" at which point Mari threw her doll down and danced it herself. Two-year-old Jack decided he was able, and we ended our day in song and dance.


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  2. Blessings and love to you and yours~ Congratulations on the birth of your new grandson

  3. What a wonderful time! Congratulations and hugs!

    You know the Hokie Pokie is answer to the question, "What is the meaning of life?" Right? :)

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