Sunday, October 12, 2014

From Me To You, Might As Well Sleep, My New Love

1. An older couple from church gave us a bag of apples from their apple trees. These are the kinds of gifts that are dear, are they not? The apples are plain ugly, just like old-fashioned, home grown apples should be. They smell terrific and are full of flavor.
2. What a dreary, rainy day! I took one official nap in the recliner, then I dozed off two more times in my chair while I was reading.
3. Steve bought me a paring knife from Williams Sonoma to replace my favorite knife which he broke the tip off of several months ago. The old knife was a perfect five-and-dime knife that was so old I don't recall where it came from. The new knife is a Cadillac of knives and I am deeply in love with it.


  1. The apples sound interesting - so few of us see and taste apples like that anymore! And, you might think I'm funny, but that dreary day with multiple naps sounds wonderful.

    What a sweet guy!

  2. A nap in a recliner sounds so wonderful.