Friday, September 19, 2014

Winding Down the Week

1. Henri was due for a grooming and B. offered to show me how to DIY (and save $45!) Henri was mostly chill for the experience and now he looks very dapper.
2. J. was using his chain saw back in the woods. It sounded like fall.
2a. Steve helped J. the following night and came home with a truck bed full of winter wood. It's Ash and it smells nice to walk past the wood pile.
4. Claire told the grandchildren I was coming to visit. She wrote me and said, "Mari is so excited you are coming. Before bed she was playing "a little game of nonnie" and pretending to drive to your house." Grandchild love is different from any other love I know. It's a joyful love, boundless and fun. To know that a little child loves me in a big way, like a celebrity, well... it's humbling. I'll do my best to return it in kind.
5. It used to be that Steve would often play DJ while I worked in the kitchen. I asked him to play DJ tonight while I cleaned up after dinner and then baked cookies. Here are two of the several selections he played. It's the variety that makes it fun.  : )


  1. And the neat thing is - she is reacting to you as a loving person in her life. I don't think children put together relationships until they are a little older. Using myself as an example - do you remember the Dick & Jane readers? They had grandparents who they called Grandmother and Grandfather. They had white hair. I came home from school and asked my mom who my grandparents were? Because all four of mine were called something else (Nonnie is a great example) and none of them had gray or white hair at that point. I remember being astounded as a six-year-old when I put that all together. :)

  2. Love the Doobie Brothers! We have tickets to see them in October :)

  3. I agree... grandchild love is so big, and all encompassing and such a blessing~