Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday in Raleigh

1. Jack comes looking for me with a book in his hand. He wants me to read him an illustrated version of The Little Drummer Boy. I sing it rather than read it and he likes that.
1a. I love reading a book to a child on my lap. Mari's favorite books are "Fancy Nancy".
2. The shopping options are endless in Raleigh. There is so much more than we would ever need. But, we had fun mending the gaps in Steve's wardrobe. The crowds of humanity, the three sales people per every customer, the dizzying array of merchandise, it left me giddy.
3. The quiet peace of church was an oasis in the midst of a busy weekend. The pastor took an ancient text, the Book of Daniel, and made it applicable to the strife and war in our world today.
3a. I notice that Jack is very keen on the music.


  1. I'll have to find Fancy Nancy for Izzy and Kes. Thanks for the tip

  2. What a beautiful picture of you and yours!

    My church feels like home to me, and I am one of those people who loves listening to sermons.

  3. What a lovely weekend! And reading to children is the best. I love that you sang the book to Jack.