Thursday, August 7, 2014

To Laugh Just for the Fun of It, Claire Cooks, The Ridge Line

1. From her carseat in the back we hear three-year-old giggles turn to full belly laughs until she sighs to catch her breath. We have no idea why she is laughing. The giggles bubble up again and it's such a wildly happy sound that we're all caught in the giggle contagion.
2. Claire made a delicious quiche for our dinner. I love quiche but rarely make it because I'd be alone eating it.
2a. Later, she made Kettle Corn on the stove for us. We always find this to be a tricky one to get right but hers turned out really good.
3. We're driving past the very ridges and mountains that took her months to walk and climb. Now we speed past them in mere hours. It's mind boggling and sobering to think about our pace of life.

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  1. Love little girl giggles (and little boy giggles, too.) :)