Sunday, August 31, 2014

Color Change, For the Birds, Henni

1. That point in time when summer fades and sea shells and sea glass coexist with pumpkins and mums.
1a. The change will be slower around our place. We still have some peaches to deal with, steaks to grill and Bocci Ball to be played.
2. In a town called Brosville, just this side of the Virginia/North Carolina border, there is a yard sign for "Birdhouses". I watch for it every time we drive by because they have the prettiest birdhouses on display. One day I'll stop...
3. Jack lies on the floor with Henri, chattering curiously over Henri's various doggie features. Nose, ears, tail, fur; it's all a delight to Jack. Henri rolls over onto his back for more pats.


  1. love birdhouses...hope you stop in, you've piqued my curiosity

  2. Love those blue jars. And have you ever grilled a peach? So good. And have I ever shared this recipe with you?