Saturday, July 26, 2014

Produce & Baked Goods, Putting Up, Daughter #4 and the Dog, Adam Ezra Group

1. The Roanoke Farmer's Market is abundant with summer produce. (Someone is selling Dilly Bean's- $7/pint, $11/quart. Wow, I didn't know they could cost that much!) We walked around the market and then we stopped at the bakery. We each chose a croissant to take home for tomorrow's breakfast and then we bought a brick of  shortbread slices that were tidily wrapped in waxy, white paper. We were looking forward to these with a second cup when we get home.
2. Steve and I did the canning together. The dill is at its peak, so we first made more dilly beans. Then Steve harvested the prolific banana peppers and we canned five more quarts. Finally, I turned to the ripening tomatoes and got those preserved.
2a. We had a full day in the kitchen, so for dinner we simply made loaded roast beef sandwiches. They included pickled banana peppers from an earlier batch and pretty yellow tomatoes, freshly sliced from the garden.
3. Just as I climbed into bed, Daughter #4 texted from Floyd Fest: "I just got called up on stage at one of the biggest concerts tonight!!!...the lead singer (Adam Ezra Group) leaned over the edge of the stage and asked me to come up and hand CDs out with him!"Yup, all is well. I am at peace and I drift off to sleep.
4. Thunderstorms rolled in around three a.m. Poor, frightened Henri jumped onto the bed and curled  up to the back of my neck. Now I know how a litter of puppies must feel, all tucked into each others nooks and crannies with tickly fur and puppy breath on the back of my neck.


  1. Canning is very hard work. My mother used to do it. I have never attempted it, as I am not all that domestic. I admire people who are, though.

  2. I guess you could sell all those dilly beans and make a fortune then!