Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weekend!, Dinner Party, Out on the Town

1. Steve is home from his week long trip, it's Saturday, the weather is pretty, and we have no major commitments. Perfect!
2. I attended the nicest dinner at a friend's house along with four other lady friends last night. The salad was stand-out gorgeous for its vibrant color. The base was baby spinach leaves and it was covered with strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, and pineapple. I drizzled mine with a raspberry vinaigrette. Three ladies teamed up to prepare the meal and I wasn't one of them- yay! Everything was delicious, but the coconut cake was also to die for. Four layers of moist vanilla cake with a custardy filling, frosted with a fluffy whipped coconut cream frosting, and dusted with flaked coconut. Purple and yellow pansies decorated the top.

3. Tess was very pretty for prom. Her gallant date carried her backpack and opened the car door for her, just as he should. Good man!


  1. The day and the dinner sound lovely. And I am wondering why a backpack would be needed at prom? But very gallant that the date carried it.

    1. Most high schools have an "After Prom" party nowadays. The kids change into comfortable clothes and play games, etc. at the school until the wee morning hours. So, Tess had a change of clothes to take with her.

  2. i love it when cakes are decorated with edible flowers~