Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Time Travel Messes with Your Head, Summer Attire, Cleaning Up an Act

1. A dream reaches deep into the past and relives a memory. I'm standing there and it feels, and smells, and looks so real. I wasn't just seeing it; I was feeling it as though time never existed and decades ago is right now. I was safe and happy and my father was nearby.
2. Loose linen pants, a tank top, and bare feet. These have got to be the most comfortable clothes for a hot day.
3. For several days in a row, there is a young man picking up trash on our road. I thought his good deed should not go unnoticed so I stopped a few days ago and asked him if he was a good-hearted volunteer. He smiled a guilty smile and said he had gotten into trouble. "Ah, Community Service" I nodded. "Well, I appreciate that you're cleaning up our road. Thank you!", I said and drove off. Now we wave to each other every morning. He's doing a fantastic job. If this is his work ethic and it holds true, he should succeed in life. I pray that for him; he seems like a fine young man.


  1. Dreams can take us in so many directions. I like it that yours was safe and comforting.

  2. I'll bet the young man will always remember the kind lady who stopped and thanked him.