Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blooming, Sweet and Sour, Getting Here

1. White blossoming trees are everywhere! Literally hundreds and thousands line every roadway and all the woods. The Redbud is just beginning to open its deep, pinks blooms so, we're in for a real treat later this week.
2. I caught the smell of grass today. It wasn't the sweet smell of summer grass, cut with a mower on a warm summer's evening, but rather a pungent, newly green grass, not yet ripe.
3. What will take her five days to hike, we can drive in a mere ninety minutes. Time for us to visit her, I say!
3a. I asked her to tell me her food cravings and she gave me a pretty long list. She consumes over five thousand calories a day in order to hike twenty miles a day...after day...after day...


  1. The peach blossoms are starting to appear, daffodils are blooming and unfortunately all the lawn weeds as well. Grass/weed cutting is in my future this weekend it seems. Hope that you get to connect with your hiking daughter. She will enjoy the treats for sure, Lee.

  2. I love all the blooming trees, too. I was thinking yesterday what a special treat springtime is.

    How lovely that you'll get to visit your daughter. I can't wait to read about it.