Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thai Chicken, Calculating, Wildlife

1. It was one of those rare Saturdays when Steve and I shared the kitchen. He got most of the space and I got two feet because he needed it more than me. I liked working side by side, somewhat choreographing our movements.
2. We took a nice walk during this brief break of spring weather. Around here, the houses are numbered according to the number of miles up the road it is placed. For example, a house numbered 4025 is four and a quarter miles up the road. It made it easy to calculate how many miles we walked.
3. The fields are full of deer each morning and evening. I counted twenty-one this morning.
3a. The yard has also been filled with birds. They all appear nice and chubby: robins, cardinals, chickadees, finches, mockingbirds, mourning doves, and a woodpecker!


  1. I think I would enjoy working together in the kitchen, but my husband doesn't cook - at all... Your walk sounds like a great way to spend a Spring day - I look forward to that!

    1. Karen- Steve doesn't cook either. He was brewing beer. He commandeers the entire kitchen for this undertaking : )

  2. Pat aka Grenville and I often work in rhe kitchen and try not to get in one another's way. More often we take turns to avoid doing that. Nice that the houses are numbered by distance as it helps your walking distance. Lots of virds here too.

  3. I suppose all those birds are flying back north. What a lovely thought.