Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not Quite Cabin Fever, The Old Days, More Long Ago Days

1. Today marked the sixth day in a row of no school, hence no work. Teacher conferences, the weekend, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and today, A SNOW DAY! Three or four inches of very wet snow made a pretty landscape and created a mood of hibernation.
2. I made a wonderful recipe of French Onion Soup for dinner. My favorite part of this soup is the toasted French bread croutons, rubbed with garlic and melted with Gruyere, then set afloat on the soup to get all soggy and chewy. It reminded me of our college days when Steve and I would go to Holmes and Watson (Troy, NY) for the best French Onion Soup ever.

3. Being snowed in, I decided to box up the rest of Daughter #3's things and clean her bedroom. It was a bittersweet task to handle 4H ribbons, photographs, books, and a multitude of animals and horses that still resided in her room.


  1. French onion soup sounds perfect for snow weather, Lee. Do you have a recipe to share as I have never made it at home? I made a white bean and kale soup this weekend and will post that recipe soon. Holmes & Watson looks like a fun place...where is it located?
    Enjoy the snow day...everything is closed here too.

  2. Just did an online search and found that H&W is on Troy, NY and it looks like a fun place, especially the atmosphere!

  3. I am afraid you now have another day at home! I am waiting for spring.

  4. They closed school in Atlanta two weeks ago when the temps dropped to 7 degrees. They were looking after kids at the bus stop. There wasn't any snow either. One dad told me he couldn't think how the south ever fought the Battle of Gettysburg in the cold. :)