Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meeting of the Mind and Tongue, Finis!, Not Soon Enough, A Project

1. I lunched with a fellow Northerner today. It was refreshing to be around someone as 'to-the-point' as myself. 
2. We watched the final episodes of 'Fringe". It was an incredible letdown to learn it was over, but the ride was extremely fun while it lasted.
3. Daughter #2 phoned and her hike will have her at home right around Easter. Oh how I cannot wait!!
4. A poem for Daughter #1 and husband whose offer was accepted on a pretty (but in need of TLC) house:
He who loves an old house
Never loves in vain,
How can an old house
Used to sun and rain,
To lilac and larkspur,
And an elm above,
Ever fail to answer
The heart that gives it love?

Isabel Fiske Conant  Old House


  1. congrats to daughter #1 and her husband on their new housing adventure!Love the poem. Your family is so lucky and blessed to have you for support.