Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Busy Day, Lots of Talking, Far Fetched Science

1. I met up with friends very early for coffee, which is always a pleasure. But before that, we stopped at our mutual friend's house for their garage sale. These dear friends have retired, sold their beautiful home and are becoming unencumbered.
2. I took time between errands to stop at a couple of thrift stores. I found nothing to my liking, but it's extremely fun to browse. You just never know...
2a. I was on the road a lot today and talked to my mom, my sister, and three daughters during the course of it. I'm sure I surpassed the normal amount of talking in an average woman's day.
3. Tess started a new, large, charcoal drawing. We watch it materialize on the paper over several hours. Very cool.
4. Steve found a new (to us) series to watch on Netflix called "Fringe". It's creepy-good, science fiction drama for us to enjoy together : )


  1. Always good to get together with friends. Thrift store finds can be so unexpected at times and I am always looking. This week bought 2 pairs of L.L. bean Jeans and a Macintosh brand blue wool jacket for total cost of $10 for never do know!

  2. I love thrift stores - you just never know. :)

  3. Always fun to start a new series. Ours was Game of Thrones.....loved it!

  4. A friend told me Fringe was very good. I hope you find it to be so!