Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Up Where the Air is Clear (Hum to Mary Poppins Tune), At Least I Still Have Teeth, Nice Fit

1. As we take our first blast of arctic temperatures in Virginia, I see this photo of Chelsea and Chad  on Mt. Bierstadt. And we thought it was cold here! They made their first hike of 14ers in Colorado today. I'm so proud of our adventurers.

2. Daughter #3 cleaned my teeth today. Ha,ha! It strikes me funny that she pinned a bib on me, told me to spit, and brushed and flossed for me. I teased her and told her now I know what it will feel like when I'm old and senile and she has to care for me.
3. Sometimes you have to trust the salesladies. One such lady suggested I try on a pair of pants that I never would have chosen for myself. She was right and they're great.

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  1. That's neat about your daughters. And yes - what would we do without the salesladies? I've been steered wrong a couple of times, but mostly they are usually right.