Sunday, November 10, 2013

Protection, Already?, Deck the Halls with Autumn

I couldn't resist. This is how I saw the Indian corn this year, as a bouquet.
 1. I picked some rosemary and placed it in the wall planter outside the back door. It's to buffer the little bird who sleeps there from the wind. He is there every night and every morning. His feathers are brown with white spots, like a fawn's.
2. The Sunday sermon was so interesting and engaging that the time went by in a blink.
3. We return home and find Daughter #3 glittering pine cones at the kitchen table. She has also picked bunches of bittersweet and arranged it around the house. Her holiday Pinterest board is filling with ideas and she calls me over to come see. It's contagious behavior and I'm glad a little of that spirit rubs off on me.

Bittersweet in glass

Bittersweet twining up the chandelier

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  1. That's so kind of you to do that for the little bird. I think it must have chosen your house for that reason.