Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Netflix Makes Everything Feel Better

...and I'm watching a lot of Netflix.

I loved this "feel good" movie: Papadopoulos and Sons

I also watched the recently released second and third (!) seasons of The Land Girls. If you like BBC period pieces with a soap opera edge, then you'll love these.


  1. I just watched the Papadopoulos film on Netflix last week. The iPad has become my workout companion at the "Y" and I pick 90 minute films and divide the time between 2 cardio machines, usually a cross trainer, bike, and treadmill. I am certainly getting good use out of my online Netflix subscription now and seeing more films, many unknown, lots of foreign ones as well. Here's a recommendation - watch The Sapphires, which is a new release on Netflix and based on a true story about 4 Aborigine women. Just watched it this morning.

    1. Thanks for the tip! And I love the workout routine you have going!