Saturday, October 26, 2013

Open Studios 2013

Once I knew Tess was going to take my picture I couldn't stop laughing. It was a chilly, bright autumn morning for our mini adventure.

Our first stop was at Mark Woodie's studio. He was Tess' first art teacher when she started middle school and she loved his class.

She chose one of his newest paintings titled, "Early Autumn Comes". It's a fitting title for today! We didn't know the title until after she chose it.

The painting depicts a hedgerow scene that is typical of our country life. I like the line of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

Our second of only three stops today was Ed Bordett's studio in downtown Fincastle. It occupies a big, old space that he shares with another artist named Brett LaGue.

I love the smell of the paints and thinners in the studios. It makes me want to create something even though I'm not artistic.


  1. I like that picture of you laughing. I'll bet you laugh a lot! And what a great day - really lovely.

    1. I do laugh a lot, Lynn! See all the laugh lines?

  2. We have a similar artists tour here on the VA eastern shore and it also features open houses at area studios and galleries. The timing is usually Thanksgiving weekend as that's really fall weather time here.