Saturday, August 10, 2013

Peasant Goes Gourmet, Lost Treasure, Man in the Kitchen

1. We love the chunks of crusty bread soaked in oil and vinegar in the Panzanella. So simple and so delicious.

2. I found a folder of long forgotten recipes today. I typed and organized a few and became inspired to cook up some new things next week. I need to plan a picnic just so we can fully enjoy the Provencal Pan Bagna (stacked picnic bread) pictured near the bottom.

Getting ready to mash the grain

The hops (or whatever these are) are added in stages

The simmer
3. While my use of the kitchen was purely theoretical, Steve actually turned on the stove and brewed a Vanilla Porter. We both needed this day to do nothing in particular. I never left the house, except to walk the dog and feed the horses, and it was perfect.
4. Daughter #1 and family arrived safely at Daughter #2's. I counted them to be thirty-three hours on the road. Later, Daughter #3 came home (covered in freckles!) after her week away. I feel like a mother hen keeping track of her scurrying chicks and wishing they were all under my wings.


  1. Isn't that the most wonderful thing - finding those recipes? I found a lost lasagna recipe in the bottom of a trunk last year and was so thrilled to have it again.

    Beer making looks a little complicated - is it good?

  2. Fresh tomatoes, onions, basil, peppers mixed together in olive oil and enjoyed with crusty bread is MY kind of summer dinner too. And so are potatoes and eggs and usually I add onions, but the recipe you linked to a couple of days back looks so inviting, Lee.