Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New, For Me?!, In a Cast Iron Skillet, Let's Go Watch

1. I pull my new chinos out of the bag to show Tess. I hold them up to my nose and inhale deeply. Ahh, the smell of new clothing. I love that smell.
 2. My blogging friend Lynn over at Good Things Happened sent me a gift! When I opened our mailbox I found a box taking up all the space and it had my name on it. Inside was a beautiful clay drip tray, the color of the ocean and some pretty botanical note cards. I think Lynn has me pegged and she knows exactly what kind of things I enjoy : )
3. One of my absolute favorite meals is anything to do with potatoes and eggs. Tonight I made this Spanish Tortilla with Bell Pepper (click for recipe). I refer back to my "Everyday Food" collection of magazines over and over again. These recipes never disappoint.

photo courtesy
4. A hazy, humid sky finally pours out rain. We drop whatever we're working on and take our coffee  out to the porch so we can enjoy the moment. Evening is settling in and the rain closes out the day with peace and quiet.


  1. I love things made in a cast iron skillet - this looks so good!

    Well - I knew you'd like that tray. And I know you love plants and flowers, so there you are - I guess I do have you pegged. :) Someone who loves beautiful things.