Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Knowing, Not So Bad, Sweet

1. I know this slant of sun and this northerly breeze it tries to warm. I know this gentle song of crickets sung on a quiet afternoon. I know this scent of pears from orchards heavy with fruit. It is  summer fading away.
2. Frequent visits to the bedside of Daughter #4 bringing ice packs, pills, and fruit smoothies. Our fourth and final child for wisdom teeth extraction. She's a real trooper just like her sisters. SO glad that's over. The beautiful thing? I never have to do this again.
3. I baked these wonderfully delicious Ginger-Pear Hand Pies for a friend's lunch tomorrow. I really do love to bake. I enjoy the creation and the time in the kitchen as much as the eating of it. : )


  1. We have some pears that hopefully will be ripening one day and just maybe I can try some recipes with them, Lee. Yours looked delicious just by the photo. Hope your daughter will be able to enjoy them after her tooth ordeal.

  2. My stomach actually growled out loud as I contemplated those hand pies. Yum. Lunch...where's lunch?

  3. Those pies are so beautiful. I, too, love to bake but have never made anything to rival those for beauty, I know, and for taste, I bet.

  4. Fading away? It's gone here. I almost turned the heat on this morning!

    Was your man making beer? (I usually read a few of your posts but only comment on the last one.)